(semi) Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is this?
A: this is a web application that will show some user statistics about the Roblox game Juke's Towers of Hell

Q: Who made this?
A: willwam(845)

Q: How does it work?
A: the Flask (python webserver) backend uses the Roblox API, specifically this route, to check the badges for your user ID. this is then passed to the browser-side JavaScript which parses and displays the data.

Q: Is this project open source?
A: as of now, no, although i do eventually plan on making it open source.

Q: Why can't you do time of completion for towers?
A: this would only be accessible through the #tower-winners channel from the JToH discord, but this would require searching via the Discord API, which would be too inefficient and slow.

Q: Why can't you do leaderboards for people with most towers beaten etc.
A: the data is only generated when someone submits a username. doing this would basically require fetching data from every single user.

Q: Will you add stuff for Pit of Misery?
A: due to them not having badges, there won't be a way to check if someone else has beaten them, as i would not like to hard-code completions of these. i may consider adding local support for it though, so you can "mark" a PoM tower as completed.

Q: Will you add stuff for the other badges in the game, such as events, secret endings etc.?
A: yes, once i get the time and motivation...

Q: Can you add [feature not mentioned here]?
A: maybe? send me a message using the contact page/discord dm willwam#9584 and i'll see what i can do

Q: Can you make this for other fangames?
A: while i won't have time (or money) to specifically make this for other fangames, when i open source the code, i plan to try and make it as easy as possible to create a similar setup for fangames.