Update Log

last data update: 30/08/23


- silent abyss


- zone 8 added for release tommorow


- new spatial system tower point requirements


- reverted api change, you can go back to using your usernames now


- lost river


- happy birthday to me 🎂🎉
- some ui improvements
- added faq, contact, and update pages as seperate pages


- added zone 7 towers in anticipation for release soon


- reverted this difficulty change, difficulty points are just broken right now, can't really do anything about it


- updated how difficulty points are calculated for area unlocks, as i am fairly confident (and others have said) the difficulty point worth is equal to the tower point worth (i.e a steeple is now worth 0.5 difficulty points and a citadel is now worth 2 difficulty points)
    - however, i am unsure if this is 100% correct (especially about citadels being worth 2 difficulty points). please send me a message if you know that this is not correct


- force https on new domain
- added some embed stuff
- fix a bug with area unlocks not checking difficulty points
- fix an error message not showing up on timeout
- renamed *.00 to "Baseline" instead of "Bottom"


- added a custom domain: jtoh.info so it's easier to remember


- fixed arcane area unlock check being completely wrong


- zone 6 stuff added in anticipation for release soon
- browser side javascript rewrite is (mostly?) finished, now slowly working on adding new features
    - this might be very prone to bugs, so please send a message if something doesn't seem to be working right
    - if you use internet explorer, that might be the reason
- sort methods for completed/uncompleted towers added, and also better filtering methods
- added a number beside completed towers so you know what tower number that is
    - however, this may be inaccurate due to arcane area. will work on some sort of "manual date input" thing soon-ish
    - this will also help resolve the issue of cheesed/coiled towers
- the stats endpoint has been changed to accept username as a query parameter to make sharing links easier
    - (basically, you can do this) https://jtoh.info/stats?username=willwam845
- you can now choose either your local timezone or UTC for completed tower dates
- fixed an issue with weird ktoh badges? now ignores the badge if it was awarded after the date the game closed down (also applies to old jtoh)
- some better error messages and some (maybe) better ui


- added ToZD
- replaced current difficulty chart with the official one


- updated difficulty chart to be a lot more accurate, basing this on a combination of acro's difficulty chart and the jtoh wiki
- currently in the process of rewriting the site so it's easier to implement new features, sorry for lack of updates, more stuff coming soon


- added pit of misery (and tomdc), probably nothing else since no badges
- quick fix of the KToH badges since i messed up some of the badge ids


- added old KToH badges (only for towers that are ingame currently), and these are prioritized before the original JToH badges
- added a button that changes the default info for towers to be displayed fully instead of only appearing when hovered over (and short info is displayed when hovered over)
- added a button which shows info as if you have unlocked every area (even if you haven't)
    - sidenote: i'll probably figure out a better position for these buttons later
- fixed an issue with how difficulty requirements were calculated (accumulative)
- fixed toic and tophat new badges not showing up


- added a total tower count to the difficulty progress
- added GMT to tower completion times, might change in future
- difficulty shifts for zone 3


- added this update log
- added all new badges from the new game due to the transfer. the checker will prioritize badges from the original game for completion dates etc.
- added the suggestions/feedback/bug report box. will get to implementing some new stuff (mainly better filtering stuff) later


- there seems to be an issue with timeouts sometimes. added an error message for this and also stopped the backend crashing when it happens
- moved some difficulties around


- added ToCM